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After the success of the last edition of the PSN Gamers Choice Awards, Sony returns to the fray with the contest that will reward the best titles published in 2011 on the PlayStation Network. This year new categories have been included to reward and we can also enjoy gifts and discounts. Come in and we'll explain how to vote for your favorite game.
It has been a year since the first contest of the PSN Gamers Choice Awards and Sony repeats the formula with the best games published last year on the PlayStation Network. From yesterday until March 6, all users who have a PlayStation 3 or a PSP can vote for their favorite games through the PS Store.
Up to six new categories we will find on this occasion, and all the games that are winners in each category will enjoy, for a limited time, a 30% price discount for all PSN users and 50% for users or PS Plus Here is the list of nominees:
Best PSN Exclusive: PSNprizes.com 
in FAMOUS Festival of Blood (PS3)
PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PS3)
Best PSN game:
in FAMOUS Festival of Blood (PS3)
Plants vs. Zombies (PS3)
Resident Evil 4 (PS3)
Best PSN online game:
Hard Corps: Uprising (PS3)
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (PS3)
Best complete PSN game:
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3)
Assassin's Creed II: Deluxe Edition (PS3)
Midnight Club LA Complete Edition (PS3)
Best PlayStation Move Game:
4Elements HD (PS3)
Dungeon Defenders (PS3)
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PS3)
Best 3D game:
Dungeon Defenders (PS3)
God of War: Origins Collection (PS3)
The Sly Collection (PS3)
Best PSOne Classic:
Chrono Trigger (PS3 / PSP)
Parasite Eve (PS3 / PSP)
Xenogears (PS3 / PSP)
Best Mini:
Angry Birds (PS3 / PSP)
The Impossible Game (PS3 / PSP)
PAC-MAN Championship Edition (PS3 / PSP)
Best PSP Game:
TACTICS OGRE: Let Us Cling Together (PSP)
PlayStation Community Award - Best Indie:
Dungeon Defenders (PS3)
PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PS3)
Also remind you to reward all users who vote, Sony will give you download codes for animated themes for PS3 or PSP.
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